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Wednesday, April 22, 2009 TOPIC; Official Opening
Yes. Just as the title says. The OFFICIAL OPENING of this blog. Gosh you don't know the trouble I went through to do the layout. Spend the WHOLE DAY doing this and suddenly when I was about to post up the coding, error message kept appearing about this and that. I was going CRAZY!! Huge thanks to Rach for pointing out my mistake. *wasted a whole 1 and a half hour digging the wrong thing* Chazz Unnie! I totally salute you. I dunno how you manage to do all those layout so quickly. XD

Okay, enough about that. As you can see, my layout is featuring Zhang Li Yin. Weird actually. I thought my first layout would be my chagiya Jaejoong, but then when I was searching for Ri In's pics for a certain poster, I came upon so many nice pic of her from her performance in SJ-M Fan Meeting. So couldn't resist to use them. Jaejoong will have to wait till the next layout. XD The layout is plain. First try on coding, not bad right? Need to learn more from Chazz Unnie. *prepare for more lessons :P*

I can talk TOO much craps at times. Well, try to update this blog as much as I can. Till then!

*P/S: Special Thanks to = 
^Chazz Unnie ~for teaching me how to make layout~
^Anna ~For... hehe... hope you figure it out already ;)~
^Rach ~ For helping me get this done *seriously*~

Tic toc @ 3:22 AM

L♥ve :
*throws confetti*

congratulations on the opening of your new blog ^^

unnie is kinda busy with request that she got no time to make a little gift for your new blog..

keep it up.. still got more to learn ^^

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