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Wednesday, May 6, 2009 TOPIC; MOST of each horoscope [Part 2]
Huhu~ The news about Junsu hurting himself till having to be on wheelchair during their live performance really hurts just hearing it. Junsu, you rehearse too hard. Take good care of yourself cuz seeing you hurt us Cassies won't feel any least better and instead far worst. :(

I was watching this show about Bizarre Food and this time their destination is in GuangZhou. Why am I talking about this? Because one of the dish is made of... *gulp* F-R-O-G!! Eww... I can't stand it. Phebs has 2 biggest phobia - Frog and Lizard. Frog is the worst for me. I will instantly be in tears if I see one in sight - No matter how far it is, dead or alive or cooked. Just a mere picture of frogs(real ones only) in books can make me promptly close the book and throw it far from me. *Yeah, it's that bad*>_< class="Apple-style-span" style="color: rgb(51, 255, 51);">

- Most know how to criticize the body figure of their lover
- Most loyal to love
- Most tender
- Most conservative
- Most cowardly
- Most sentimental
- Most kind-hearted
- Most afraid of ghost
- Most hard to be rid of
- Most easily fat
- Most love trouble
- Most love to being at home
- Most know how to dig up old debts
- Most easily soft-hearted
- Most protective of friends
- Most love to face mirrors
- Most hard to forget old lovers
- Most bad at talking bad
- Most terrible at doing business
- Most easily feel satisfy
- Most easily love at first sight

- Most love to show off
- Most generous
- Most self-centered
- Most rude temper
- Most not afraid of ghost
- Most love crowd
- Most confident
- Most unable to handle defeat
- Most able to become love creature 
- Most not suitable to be spy
- Most don't know to make people happy
- Most impatient
- Most no secrets
- Most believe in tarot
- Most protective
- Most love to brag
- Most concern of pride
- Most not suitable to be promoter
- Most hard to understand
- Most know to act tough
- Most suitable to be celebrity
- Most love to order people around
- Most have leadership
- Most love to wear colorful clothes
- Most concern of other people's thinking

- Most suitable to be promoter
- Most melancholic
- Most pure
- Most cowardly
- Most rational
- Most rough
- Most love cleanliness 
- Most afraid to commit wrong
- Most calculative
- Most emotional
- Most love to find people's fault
- Most concern of exams
- Most love to watch television
- Most think to much
- Most don't know to delay/stall time
- Most possible to marry late
- Most know to negotiate price
- Most impossible to be the first to confess

- Most polite
- Most love to dress up
- Most fair/justice
- Most afraid of loneliness
- Most love to spend money
- Most won't feel guilty
- Most often face with love triangle problems
- Most concern of outer appearances
- Most don't hold grudges
- Most no sense of direction
- Most willing to fight long lasting love battles
- Most know how to make people happy
- Most love/adore husband/wife
- Most concern with how they dress up

- Most mysterious
- Most afraid of noises
- Most dangerous
- Most independent
- Most horny
- Most sexy
- Most secretive
- Most tender
- Most shy
- Most not talkative
- Most have habit of peeping
- Most don't believe in human nature
- Most enough friends
- Most know how to dig up secrets
- Most love the color black
- Most tend to hold grudges
- Most love nature
- Most easily jealous
- Most won't lend money to others
- Most not easily pranked/tricked
- Most desire to fully control their lover
- Most not suitable to be postman
- Most brave/daring to chase after true love
- Most possible to produce marriage violence
- Most suitable to be 007
- Most possesses unique charm
- Most not love to make friends
- Most love to break people's spirit
- Most require to relieve stress
- Most love to challenge difficulties
- Most love to do fortune prediction stuff (eg. tarot)
- Most dare to love, dare to hate
- Most easily act rash

- Most often late
- Most love to gamble
- Most honest
- Most happy
- Most carefree
- Most humorous
- Most love sport
- Most possible to change husband/wife
- Most not hardworking
- Most able to become professional archers
- Most don't believe in ghost stories
- Most love freedom
- Most love to run around
- Most dislike going to school
- Most love to make friend
- Most don't understand trouble
- Most able to let go any matters
- Most eager to reveal secret lover
- Most not concern with laws/regulations
- Most able to accept trial marriage
- Most easily make bad friends

Ok, that's all of them. If you want any other horoscope stuff, let me know. I will try to post up if I can find any. 

Anyway, I got tagged by a Rach. Here I go:

5 things found in my bag:
- My phone
- My wallet
- My umbrella (in case of rain)
- My water bottle (mini kind :P)
- Tissue :P

5 things found in my purse :
- Money
- My IC (identification card)
- Jaejoong's pic (My jagiya :P)
- Those mini photos I took with my friends
- mini TVXQ 2009 calender

5 favorite things in my room : (well since I dun have my own room at home, I will use my hostel room then ^^)
- TVXQ posters
- My bed (all things included including the my Jaejoong pillow given by a friend for my birthday ^^)
- My speakers
- My laptop
- My iRiver multimedia player :D

5 things I've always wanted to do :
- Master Japanese & Korean languages (at least the basics is a MUST)
- Go to Japan & Korea & Taiwan. (Wanna visit places TVXQ been to and see my friends that are there as well XD)
- Learn to play the piano. (or violin. whichever musical instruments. I only know very little self learn of the keyboard)
- See TVXQ and especially Jaejoong IN PERSON (hopefully soon, looking forward to their Mirotic Live concert in Malaysia)
- Rid of my pimple face and have a slim body. (People say I am thin but I AM NOT!! I have plump legs and arm ><)

5 things I'm currently into:
- Kpop (especially TVXQ and all other SM artists)
- Photoshopping (Once I start its hard for me to stop XP)
- Writing Fanfics
- Making layouts (just started learning so need to practice more)
- Boys Over Flowers & True Blood (vampire fever of TB thanks to Twilight :P)

5 people I'm gonna tag: (I don't have much friends on blogspot so just same people)
- Anna
- Rach
- Chazz
- SoRi
*gosh, I got so less friend that I can't even write a 5th name >_<

Okay, that's all for today. I am going to be away for the coming 3 days (friday till sunday). Going back Cameron Highland to visit my grandma. Bye! :)


Tic toc @ 4:39 AM

L♥ve :
i've been away from this blog for a while and now pheb realized pheb wrote a lot! :)
omo mo mo mo~
my horoscope cites a lot of things aren't about me huh?
especially the part "most easily make bad friends".
i have good friends...
and one of them is here *winks*
so it's totally fault on that :P
oh! i missed the old days we're on YM! :(

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