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Tuesday, May 5, 2009 TOPIC; MOST of each horoscopes [Part 1]
I finally spare the time to update my blog. Was suppose to update this like 2 days ago, but then delayed till yesterday and then today... Anyway, I found some interesting horoscope stuff in the new YG magazine I bought and feel like sharing it here. ^^ *Warning: don't take it all to heart, it is just for fun. It is not completely true.

- Most not romantic
- Most fake
- Most wealthy
- Most dull head
- Most not horny
- Most afraid of embarrassment
- Most easily become workaholic
- Most don't know how to grab opportunity
- Most unhappy
- Most have urge to improve
- Most justice
- Most dependable
- Most know how to talk bad
- Most wanting to make an achievement
- Most not easily be seduced
- Most against foreign relationship (something like a girl from Japan couple with a guy from Europe. What do you call that?)
- Most possible to go do plastic surgery.

- Most easily happen online relationship
- Most playful
- Most rational
- Most sleep freak
- Most love to chat
- Most hard to understand
- Most easily happen one-night-stand
- Most need personal space
- Most concern with friends (Friends top priority)
- Most love to do things solo
- Most afraid of not having mental freedom
- Most not look up on money
- Most know how to delay time
- Most no sympathy
- Most possible to be 'black horse'
- Most daring to be different
- Most able to lead trend

- Most romantic
- Most superstitious
- Most gentle
- Most know how to act
- Most love to space out
- Most stick to the rules
- Most easily influence by surrounding
- Most love to fantasize
- Most willing to sacrifice for love
- Most easily cheated
- Most dependent on friends
- Most easily plunge into one-sided love
- Most craving for the arrival of love
- Most good at writing love letter
- Most often make funny faces
- Most can't keep secrets
- Most easily teary
- Most easily touched/moved
- Most don't feel secure
- Most lack of self-confidence
- Most multi-talent
- Most able to make people happy
- Most love to daydream
- Most love to avoid problems/questions
- Most afraid of the pressure of reality
- Most have natural creative talent

- Most afraid of failure
- Most lively/hyper
- Most blur
- Most daring
- Most rough
- Most pure
- Most hardworking
- Most rash
- Most afraid of boredom
- Most often act dumb
- Most know how to confess love
- Most straightforward
- Most dare to change
- Most love to prank
- Most easily commit wrong
- Most justice feel
- Most not punctual
- Most love freedom
- Most make false speeches/promises
- Most think nonsense
- Most temper
- Most don't know how to write love letter
- Most not afraid to go on camera

- Most knowledgeable
- Most afraid of hunger
- Most narrow-minded
- Most decent
- Most food freak
- Most know what to eat
- Most love money
- Most stubborn
- Most gentle
- Most hardworking
- Most slow react
- Most be moved/touched
- Most patient
- Most love to cook
- Most have weird habits
- Most afraid of wasting
- Most able to manage finances
- Most not good at gambling
- Most afraid of changes
- Most traditional
- Most look money as important as their life
- Most not good at sweet-talking
- Most lack of talents
- Most concern of tradition. (Tradition is top priority)
- Most afraid of midnight ghost knocking on the door
- Most not suitable to handle roadside stall
- Most suitable to be postman
- Most have art sense
- Most know how to use their time wisely

- Most tend to change
- Most flirty
- Most gossiping
- Most freaky
- Most love to cheat
- Most love stimulation
- Most no principle 
- Most not tender
- Most not serious
- Most crazy
- Most love to prank
- Most easily nervous
- Most easily distracted
- Most often change cellphone
- Most suitable to handle roadside stall
- Most often do things at the last minute
- Most suitable to be public relation
- Most broad minded
- Most love to chat on the phone
- Most have the habit of collecting
- Most easily advance in foreign relationship
- Most often collect freebies
- Most doesn't bother of their lover's condition
- Most often love more than 1 person at a time
- Most easily avoid relationships
- Most love to make friends online
- Most love to be 'light bulb' (interrupting a couple's together time)
- Most know how to grab opportunity
- Most not easily reveal their private and personal stuffs
- Most often exceed their credit card limit. 

Okay, I just post the half for now. The other half I will post tomorrow... hopefully XD. See how much of it is true about you. ^^ 

Now for the status of my to-do list:

To-do-list Status
1. Graphic request -- CAPTIVE Love
2. Graphic request -- The cold Kingka Vs. My mysterious roommate!
3.  POAPAGTTF Chapter 13
4. HTW Chapter 4
5. Sungmin avatars
6. Others (Classify :P)

That should be about it. Oh, before I go off. Here are two pictures I found while browsing for Kyuhyun pics for.... well, don't have to know the purpose. Anyway, enjoy!

[Left to right] Yoochun, Kyuhyun, Changmin. This pic should be a while back i guess.

Jaejoong and Kyuhyun pic from their SM Town Concert. XD They look like they are having a blast of fun, if only I went for the concert *sigh*

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