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Saturday, June 6, 2009 TOPIC; Second week of school
I promised someone I will update on what I have been doing each week. 

So just a summary of my first week back to school since I missed that. Well, first of all, I am studying in a very stressful course - Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Financial Accounting). Why do I say it's stressful? Cuz our teacher kept telling us we are the DREAMS of TAR College and when mentioned about our college the first thing that comes to people's mind is always accounts. And also in our course, failing 2 subjects means repeating the whole year. Well, it didn't really matter to me since I have to NOT fail any papers to maintain my scholarship. >_<

I got back most of my same classmate from previously so I am happy. Our course rep won with 205 votes *note that my course got about 400 students so that's a little more than half already* O___O I got 50% scholarship. ^^ *I previously have 75% scholarship, although decline but still better than none* And... that's about it I guess. 

Well, now for this week...

I totally forgot to do my tutorial. So I went to class on monday without any preparation. Was suppose to work even harder but look at me. >_<>

Anyway, on tuesday my class was long. 3.30 hours of IT class - MYOB and 3.30 hours of English class. Yup you heard me. It was 1.30 hour of English in tutorial class and 2 hours of English in the computer lab. It was a really long day. After class my friends persuaded *more like nagging cuz they don't want me to just stay in my room :P* me to follow them to a christian fellowship freshies party. 

I really didn't want to go. I know I am a free-thinker and it is okay for me to join something like this but I seriously regretted after that, sad to say. Why you might ask? There had this section where they sang their christian songs. They sang almost 5 songs *if I recalled properly* and the people around were like really singing and waving their hands out. I felt so uncomfortable and felt like finding a corner to hide actually cuz well, they are like really committed to it and the lyrics were all like worshipping and sacrificing them to god and being myself not taking any religion and facing these, I felt really out of place. >_< It went okay when they had this funny little drama act and the refreshment provided at the end. But I am sorry to say I won't be joining something like this again. 

Anyway, wednesday class is the most... free cuz there is only one lecture for the whole day. At night there was the hostel committee meeting where we discussed about the upcoming event - a party with the theme 'Colorful Rainbow'. Yeah, it sounds lame and childish but I hope to make it work. We are doing it in the hostel's new hall which is completed with an awesome PA system and a grand stage. The only flaw - there isn't airconditions, only fans. So that day we worked on the banner that were used to hang on places more noticeable to people. Everything was done at around 11 pm, which was late considering I have an early 8am class the following day. So after it all I practically went straight to bed.

Nothing much happened on thursday. Our english teacher explained to us about our role-playing assignment. We have to act out a meeting with a chairperson, secretary and members. We are only given one week to prepare cuz we have to present on week 4. There are 5 groups with 5 persons and 1 group with 4 person. My group has 5 person which consisted of 4 girls and a guy. The guy was like complaining it was stressful for him since all except him are scholarship holder. Yup, us 4 girls are scholarship holders. XD

Well, that's all. Nothing to say about friday since I don't have any class on that day. I feel like I am doing a report. XD Oh, I bought the latest YG. The double side poster this time is TVXQ & Super Junior! I think I need to buy another then. XP

That's all I have to say I guess. I will edit if anything comes up. Bye for now!^^

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Tic toc @ 4:12 AM

L♥ve :
that someone already here reading all the "reports" given :P
whatta long week you have had.
it'll always be like that ast first.
i was the same last 2 months...
*can't believe i've been in IOS Lab for TWO months??!*
let's do our best k?
this gonna be my final year...
but i'm glad for whatever i've been thru in these 2 months, i can feel that this final year is the best year ever in my 4 years living in Japan... seriusly.
i learnt about so many things... am even fall in love huh? :P
see ya next "report" later then ;)

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