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Wednesday, September 23, 2009 TOPIC; Awards won.
I was suppose to post up this entry long ago but then i got caught up with many things and forgot about it.

I joined 2 graphic challenges quite some time ago and here are the awards I won.

Lost Shadows (July 09 Graphic Challenge)

I never thought that I could win awards in each category I participated in. Thanks so much to ShadowYin for coming up with the challenge and awarding these prizes to me. Glad you love my work! ^^

i-DEAS / ROL (Graphic Challenge)

Absolute thanks to Anna for making the award. It is really lovely. I love it so much! <3

Well, that's all I want to post for today. I remember having lots to write about but everything is blank now. Will post them once I remember. Till then. ^^

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Saturday, June 6, 2009 TOPIC; Second week of school
I promised someone I will update on what I have been doing each week. 

So just a summary of my first week back to school since I missed that. Well, first of all, I am studying in a very stressful course - Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Financial Accounting). Why do I say it's stressful? Cuz our teacher kept telling us we are the DREAMS of TAR College and when mentioned about our college the first thing that comes to people's mind is always accounts. And also in our course, failing 2 subjects means repeating the whole year. Well, it didn't really matter to me since I have to NOT fail any papers to maintain my scholarship. >_<

I got back most of my same classmate from previously so I am happy. Our course rep won with 205 votes *note that my course got about 400 students so that's a little more than half already* O___O I got 50% scholarship. ^^ *I previously have 75% scholarship, although decline but still better than none* And... that's about it I guess. 

Well, now for this week...

I totally forgot to do my tutorial. So I went to class on monday without any preparation. Was suppose to work even harder but look at me. >_<>

Anyway, on tuesday my class was long. 3.30 hours of IT class - MYOB and 3.30 hours of English class. Yup you heard me. It was 1.30 hour of English in tutorial class and 2 hours of English in the computer lab. It was a really long day. After class my friends persuaded *more like nagging cuz they don't want me to just stay in my room :P* me to follow them to a christian fellowship freshies party. 

I really didn't want to go. I know I am a free-thinker and it is okay for me to join something like this but I seriously regretted after that, sad to say. Why you might ask? There had this section where they sang their christian songs. They sang almost 5 songs *if I recalled properly* and the people around were like really singing and waving their hands out. I felt so uncomfortable and felt like finding a corner to hide actually cuz well, they are like really committed to it and the lyrics were all like worshipping and sacrificing them to god and being myself not taking any religion and facing these, I felt really out of place. >_< It went okay when they had this funny little drama act and the refreshment provided at the end. But I am sorry to say I won't be joining something like this again. 

Anyway, wednesday class is the most... free cuz there is only one lecture for the whole day. At night there was the hostel committee meeting where we discussed about the upcoming event - a party with the theme 'Colorful Rainbow'. Yeah, it sounds lame and childish but I hope to make it work. We are doing it in the hostel's new hall which is completed with an awesome PA system and a grand stage. The only flaw - there isn't airconditions, only fans. So that day we worked on the banner that were used to hang on places more noticeable to people. Everything was done at around 11 pm, which was late considering I have an early 8am class the following day. So after it all I practically went straight to bed.

Nothing much happened on thursday. Our english teacher explained to us about our role-playing assignment. We have to act out a meeting with a chairperson, secretary and members. We are only given one week to prepare cuz we have to present on week 4. There are 5 groups with 5 persons and 1 group with 4 person. My group has 5 person which consisted of 4 girls and a guy. The guy was like complaining it was stressful for him since all except him are scholarship holder. Yup, us 4 girls are scholarship holders. XD

Well, that's all. Nothing to say about friday since I don't have any class on that day. I feel like I am doing a report. XD Oh, I bought the latest YG. The double side poster this time is TVXQ & Super Junior! I think I need to buy another then. XP

That's all I have to say I guess. I will edit if anything comes up. Bye for now!^^

- Graphic request = Mystery Of The Not-So Dead Criminal. by Mei Yee
- Graphic request = A Perfect Sanctuary by Shil♥
- POAPAGTTF chapter 16
- Sungmin avatars *kept forgetting*
- Anna's new layout
- Wallpaper for LS graphic challenge
- Link button for LS graphic challenge


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Wednesday, May 6, 2009 TOPIC; MOST of each horoscope [Part 2]
Huhu~ The news about Junsu hurting himself till having to be on wheelchair during their live performance really hurts just hearing it. Junsu, you rehearse too hard. Take good care of yourself cuz seeing you hurt us Cassies won't feel any least better and instead far worst. :(

I was watching this show about Bizarre Food and this time their destination is in GuangZhou. Why am I talking about this? Because one of the dish is made of... *gulp* F-R-O-G!! Eww... I can't stand it. Phebs has 2 biggest phobia - Frog and Lizard. Frog is the worst for me. I will instantly be in tears if I see one in sight - No matter how far it is, dead or alive or cooked. Just a mere picture of frogs(real ones only) in books can make me promptly close the book and throw it far from me. *Yeah, it's that bad*>_< class="Apple-style-span" style="color: rgb(51, 255, 51);">

- Most know how to criticize the body figure of their lover
- Most loyal to love
- Most tender
- Most conservative
- Most cowardly
- Most sentimental
- Most kind-hearted
- Most afraid of ghost
- Most hard to be rid of
- Most easily fat
- Most love trouble
- Most love to being at home
- Most know how to dig up old debts
- Most easily soft-hearted
- Most protective of friends
- Most love to face mirrors
- Most hard to forget old lovers
- Most bad at talking bad
- Most terrible at doing business
- Most easily feel satisfy
- Most easily love at first sight

- Most love to show off
- Most generous
- Most self-centered
- Most rude temper
- Most not afraid of ghost
- Most love crowd
- Most confident
- Most unable to handle defeat
- Most able to become love creature 
- Most not suitable to be spy
- Most don't know to make people happy
- Most impatient
- Most no secrets
- Most believe in tarot
- Most protective
- Most love to brag
- Most concern of pride
- Most not suitable to be promoter
- Most hard to understand
- Most know to act tough
- Most suitable to be celebrity
- Most love to order people around
- Most have leadership
- Most love to wear colorful clothes
- Most concern of other people's thinking

- Most suitable to be promoter
- Most melancholic
- Most pure
- Most cowardly
- Most rational
- Most rough
- Most love cleanliness 
- Most afraid to commit wrong
- Most calculative
- Most emotional
- Most love to find people's fault
- Most concern of exams
- Most love to watch television
- Most think to much
- Most don't know to delay/stall time
- Most possible to marry late
- Most know to negotiate price
- Most impossible to be the first to confess

- Most polite
- Most love to dress up
- Most fair/justice
- Most afraid of loneliness
- Most love to spend money
- Most won't feel guilty
- Most often face with love triangle problems
- Most concern of outer appearances
- Most don't hold grudges
- Most no sense of direction
- Most willing to fight long lasting love battles
- Most know how to make people happy
- Most love/adore husband/wife
- Most concern with how they dress up

- Most mysterious
- Most afraid of noises
- Most dangerous
- Most independent
- Most horny
- Most sexy
- Most secretive
- Most tender
- Most shy
- Most not talkative
- Most have habit of peeping
- Most don't believe in human nature
- Most enough friends
- Most know how to dig up secrets
- Most love the color black
- Most tend to hold grudges
- Most love nature
- Most easily jealous
- Most won't lend money to others
- Most not easily pranked/tricked
- Most desire to fully control their lover
- Most not suitable to be postman
- Most brave/daring to chase after true love
- Most possible to produce marriage violence
- Most suitable to be 007
- Most possesses unique charm
- Most not love to make friends
- Most love to break people's spirit
- Most require to relieve stress
- Most love to challenge difficulties
- Most love to do fortune prediction stuff (eg. tarot)
- Most dare to love, dare to hate
- Most easily act rash

- Most often late
- Most love to gamble
- Most honest
- Most happy
- Most carefree
- Most humorous
- Most love sport
- Most possible to change husband/wife
- Most not hardworking
- Most able to become professional archers
- Most don't believe in ghost stories
- Most love freedom
- Most love to run around
- Most dislike going to school
- Most love to make friend
- Most don't understand trouble
- Most able to let go any matters
- Most eager to reveal secret lover
- Most not concern with laws/regulations
- Most able to accept trial marriage
- Most easily make bad friends

Ok, that's all of them. If you want any other horoscope stuff, let me know. I will try to post up if I can find any. 

Anyway, I got tagged by a Rach. Here I go:

5 things found in my bag:
- My phone
- My wallet
- My umbrella (in case of rain)
- My water bottle (mini kind :P)
- Tissue :P

5 things found in my purse :
- Money
- My IC (identification card)
- Jaejoong's pic (My jagiya :P)
- Those mini photos I took with my friends
- mini TVXQ 2009 calender

5 favorite things in my room : (well since I dun have my own room at home, I will use my hostel room then ^^)
- TVXQ posters
- My bed (all things included including the my Jaejoong pillow given by a friend for my birthday ^^)
- My speakers
- My laptop
- My iRiver multimedia player :D

5 things I've always wanted to do :
- Master Japanese & Korean languages (at least the basics is a MUST)
- Go to Japan & Korea & Taiwan. (Wanna visit places TVXQ been to and see my friends that are there as well XD)
- Learn to play the piano. (or violin. whichever musical instruments. I only know very little self learn of the keyboard)
- See TVXQ and especially Jaejoong IN PERSON (hopefully soon, looking forward to their Mirotic Live concert in Malaysia)
- Rid of my pimple face and have a slim body. (People say I am thin but I AM NOT!! I have plump legs and arm ><)

5 things I'm currently into:
- Kpop (especially TVXQ and all other SM artists)
- Photoshopping (Once I start its hard for me to stop XP)
- Writing Fanfics
- Making layouts (just started learning so need to practice more)
- Boys Over Flowers & True Blood (vampire fever of TB thanks to Twilight :P)

5 people I'm gonna tag: (I don't have much friends on blogspot so just same people)
- Anna
- Rach
- Chazz
- SoRi
*gosh, I got so less friend that I can't even write a 5th name >_<

Okay, that's all for today. I am going to be away for the coming 3 days (friday till sunday). Going back Cameron Highland to visit my grandma. Bye! :)


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Tuesday, May 5, 2009 TOPIC; MOST of each horoscopes [Part 1]
I finally spare the time to update my blog. Was suppose to update this like 2 days ago, but then delayed till yesterday and then today... Anyway, I found some interesting horoscope stuff in the new YG magazine I bought and feel like sharing it here. ^^ *Warning: don't take it all to heart, it is just for fun. It is not completely true.

- Most not romantic
- Most fake
- Most wealthy
- Most dull head
- Most not horny
- Most afraid of embarrassment
- Most easily become workaholic
- Most don't know how to grab opportunity
- Most unhappy
- Most have urge to improve
- Most justice
- Most dependable
- Most know how to talk bad
- Most wanting to make an achievement
- Most not easily be seduced
- Most against foreign relationship (something like a girl from Japan couple with a guy from Europe. What do you call that?)
- Most possible to go do plastic surgery.

- Most easily happen online relationship
- Most playful
- Most rational
- Most sleep freak
- Most love to chat
- Most hard to understand
- Most easily happen one-night-stand
- Most need personal space
- Most concern with friends (Friends top priority)
- Most love to do things solo
- Most afraid of not having mental freedom
- Most not look up on money
- Most know how to delay time
- Most no sympathy
- Most possible to be 'black horse'
- Most daring to be different
- Most able to lead trend

- Most romantic
- Most superstitious
- Most gentle
- Most know how to act
- Most love to space out
- Most stick to the rules
- Most easily influence by surrounding
- Most love to fantasize
- Most willing to sacrifice for love
- Most easily cheated
- Most dependent on friends
- Most easily plunge into one-sided love
- Most craving for the arrival of love
- Most good at writing love letter
- Most often make funny faces
- Most can't keep secrets
- Most easily teary
- Most easily touched/moved
- Most don't feel secure
- Most lack of self-confidence
- Most multi-talent
- Most able to make people happy
- Most love to daydream
- Most love to avoid problems/questions
- Most afraid of the pressure of reality
- Most have natural creative talent

- Most afraid of failure
- Most lively/hyper
- Most blur
- Most daring
- Most rough
- Most pure
- Most hardworking
- Most rash
- Most afraid of boredom
- Most often act dumb
- Most know how to confess love
- Most straightforward
- Most dare to change
- Most love to prank
- Most easily commit wrong
- Most justice feel
- Most not punctual
- Most love freedom
- Most make false speeches/promises
- Most think nonsense
- Most temper
- Most don't know how to write love letter
- Most not afraid to go on camera

- Most knowledgeable
- Most afraid of hunger
- Most narrow-minded
- Most decent
- Most food freak
- Most know what to eat
- Most love money
- Most stubborn
- Most gentle
- Most hardworking
- Most slow react
- Most be moved/touched
- Most patient
- Most love to cook
- Most have weird habits
- Most afraid of wasting
- Most able to manage finances
- Most not good at gambling
- Most afraid of changes
- Most traditional
- Most look money as important as their life
- Most not good at sweet-talking
- Most lack of talents
- Most concern of tradition. (Tradition is top priority)
- Most afraid of midnight ghost knocking on the door
- Most not suitable to handle roadside stall
- Most suitable to be postman
- Most have art sense
- Most know how to use their time wisely

- Most tend to change
- Most flirty
- Most gossiping
- Most freaky
- Most love to cheat
- Most love stimulation
- Most no principle 
- Most not tender
- Most not serious
- Most crazy
- Most love to prank
- Most easily nervous
- Most easily distracted
- Most often change cellphone
- Most suitable to handle roadside stall
- Most often do things at the last minute
- Most suitable to be public relation
- Most broad minded
- Most love to chat on the phone
- Most have the habit of collecting
- Most easily advance in foreign relationship
- Most often collect freebies
- Most doesn't bother of their lover's condition
- Most often love more than 1 person at a time
- Most easily avoid relationships
- Most love to make friends online
- Most love to be 'light bulb' (interrupting a couple's together time)
- Most know how to grab opportunity
- Most not easily reveal their private and personal stuffs
- Most often exceed their credit card limit. 

Okay, I just post the half for now. The other half I will post tomorrow... hopefully XD. See how much of it is true about you. ^^ 

Now for the status of my to-do list:

To-do-list Status
1. Graphic request -- CAPTIVE Love
2. Graphic request -- The cold Kingka Vs. My mysterious roommate!
3.  POAPAGTTF Chapter 13
4. HTW Chapter 4
5. Sungmin avatars
6. Others (Classify :P)

That should be about it. Oh, before I go off. Here are two pictures I found while browsing for Kyuhyun pics for.... well, don't have to know the purpose. Anyway, enjoy!

[Left to right] Yoochun, Kyuhyun, Changmin. This pic should be a while back i guess.

Jaejoong and Kyuhyun pic from their SM Town Concert. XD They look like they are having a blast of fun, if only I went for the concert *sigh*

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Sunday, April 26, 2009 TOPIC; Update for the day
Phebs just finish eating her dinner after getting back from swimming class and she is already feeling sleepy when it's just 9.35 pm now. Was feeling pissed earlier but don't wanna talk about it anymore. *Most of you already know what happened*

I tend to put myself in 3rd person view lately. :P Anyway, I just updated some stuff on my blog. As you can see, now there are some link buttons - The first one made by Chazz Unnie, big thanks to her and the second one made by me *ugly rite?*. And I added some link of my close friends and also added a playlist with a few songs *for now, will add more soon*. Hmm... anything else I should add? 

Well, I need some opinions here. On the 'FRIENDS/AFFIES' section, should I just use names or use the respective link buttons? Just wondering since the thought suddenly popped up my mind. Please let me know what you think.

I guess that's all for today. Pretty short entry. Will try to continue my fics now. Hwaiting!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009 TOPIC; Official Opening
Yes. Just as the title says. The OFFICIAL OPENING of this blog. Gosh you don't know the trouble I went through to do the layout. Spend the WHOLE DAY doing this and suddenly when I was about to post up the coding, error message kept appearing about this and that. I was going CRAZY!! Huge thanks to Rach for pointing out my mistake. *wasted a whole 1 and a half hour digging the wrong thing* Chazz Unnie! I totally salute you. I dunno how you manage to do all those layout so quickly. XD

Okay, enough about that. As you can see, my layout is featuring Zhang Li Yin. Weird actually. I thought my first layout would be my chagiya Jaejoong, but then when I was searching for Ri In's pics for a certain poster, I came upon so many nice pic of her from her performance in SJ-M Fan Meeting. So couldn't resist to use them. Jaejoong will have to wait till the next layout. XD The layout is plain. First try on coding, not bad right? Need to learn more from Chazz Unnie. *prepare for more lessons :P*

I can talk TOO much craps at times. Well, try to update this blog as much as I can. Till then!

*P/S: Special Thanks to = 
^Chazz Unnie ~for teaching me how to make layout~
^Anna ~For... hehe... hope you figure it out already ;)~
^Rach ~ For helping me get this done *seriously*~

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